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Wacky Story: Big Jimmy and the Hunka Hunka’s

Submitted by: Andrew, 9 and Gavin, 9

So Big Jimmy had two sons. Big Big Jimmy and Small Big Jimmy. And a wife, Skinny Mary.

At school, the kids made fun of them because they always got stuck in doors and their lockers. (The Jimmy boys would say, “Help me!” but the kids would just laugh.)

So Skinny Mary told them to go to the gym and work out. They all said okay.

They went to the gym and they saw some Hunka Hunkas, who made fun of them, too.


Big Jimmy got so mad he unleashed his power on everyone so they all kept getting bigger and bigger. Everyone screamed “Aahhhh!”

And Skinny Mary saw Big Jimmy out the kitchen window while she was washing dishes. “Big Jimmy? What are you doing?” But Big Jimmy didn’t hear her.

Then Skinny Mary flew to the city with her super powers. She used her powers to make Big Jimmy regular size and everyone else. And everybody was happy.

The End.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming story: “The Hunka Hunkas Revenge”

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Wacky Story: Attack of the Muffins

By: Gavin, 9, Drexel Hill

 One time there was this lady who loved muffins, so she cooked some. When the muffins were in the tin they said, “Oh no, we’re gonna be cooked like muffins!”

The lady had a robot arm and a peg leg.

The muffins tried to get out of the oven.

“We have to escape,” one said.

 “I know,” another agreed.

 Then, they did get out. The lady was so surprised, that she jumped three feet in the air.

 “Ha! Ha! Ha!” the muffins shouted. “Breakout!”

 The muffins were so angry, they kicked the lady into the oven.

 “Aaaahhhhh!” she screamed.

 “Yay!” the muffins cried.

 [Mom’s warning: feel free to leave this line out – it’s a little violent]

Then, they turned the oven on and she got cooked.

 The muffins decided to explore. But, the house was a mansion.

 “This house is really big,” said the head muffin.

 “Then we’ll talk on walkie-talkies,” one said.

 “Yay!” the other muffins said.

 So, the muffins split up and looked for an exit.

 Some found a big indoor swimming pool. Others found the game room with a giant T.V. One found a huge bed and watched T.V. Another found a bathroom and brushed his teeth and gargled.


 They found the door and started running around the city. They went into all the bakeries and started hitting the bakers with their muffin arms.

 The muffins opened a coffee shop that made them a million dollars.

 The End


Do you think the muffins were a little harsh? We’d like to hear what you think.

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