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Wacky Story: Bat Cat

Written and submitted by Bobby, 7

Bat Cat                                                                                                                                                          Jimmy is a normal cat at day but at night he becomes Bat Cat. He fights the evil gray cat.

Jimmy the Cat as Bat Cat

Jimmy the Cat as Bat Cat

The gray cat is very mean and robs the bank. Once Bat Cat called the cops and said, “I have brought evil to justice.” The police looked confused. They did not know what was weirder, a cat in a Batman costume or a gray cat tied up. They drove away.

Bat cat was yelling, “You forgot to take this cat to jail!” When gray cat showed up the next day Bat Cat yelled, “Avengers assemble!” and then a bunch of cats with avenger masks showed up and then a cat with an iron man mask jump out of nowhere. And  a  cat with a hawk  mask crashed through a window.  and then a cat  dressed like black widow showed up. The gray cat was shocked that Bat cat got him. Gray cat was sent to jail and everybody was happy.  The End.



Wacky Story: Big Jimmy and the Hunka Hunka’s

Submitted by: Andrew, 9 and Gavin, 9

So Big Jimmy had two sons. Big Big Jimmy and Small Big Jimmy. And a wife, Skinny Mary.

At school, the kids made fun of them because they always got stuck in doors and their lockers. (The Jimmy boys would say, “Help me!” but the kids would just laugh.)

So Skinny Mary told them to go to the gym and work out. They all said okay.

They went to the gym and they saw some Hunka Hunkas, who made fun of them, too.


Big Jimmy got so mad he unleashed his power on everyone so they all kept getting bigger and bigger. Everyone screamed “Aahhhh!”

And Skinny Mary saw Big Jimmy out the kitchen window while she was washing dishes. “Big Jimmy? What are you doing?” But Big Jimmy didn’t hear her.

Then Skinny Mary flew to the city with her super powers. She used her powers to make Big Jimmy regular size and everyone else. And everybody was happy.

The End.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming story: “The Hunka Hunkas Revenge”

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