Meet the Bellwoar’s

Gavin and Bobby: proud authors

Gavin and Bobby: proud authors

One night my two sons, Gavin and Bobby, and I told the bedtime story of all bedtime stories. It had us laughing so hard we could barely talk.

At the end of it, Gavin said we should write it down. He really wanted to turn it into a book. I said I could write it, but the boys really wanted to be authors, too. So, I made them help me write our story. Over the last year, we all worked on writing and editing this book. It changed a bit from the original, but I think for the better.

We took the self-publishing route. Again, the boys were very hands on and I ran any changes by them.

It has been a wonderful project for all of us and we’ve decided to keep it going with follow-up books.

I’m hoping this blog will inspire others to write, read, and tell imaginative stories – as a family.

Be sure to check out the Wacky Story Wednesday blog posts. Each week we’ll be sharing an original story. Feel free to email your own original story to If it makes us laugh, you could be our next guest storyteller. Learn more about it under About Wacky Story Wednesday.


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