Meet Jacques and Pierre

Officers Jacques and Pierre are the two goofiest cops around. They love playing practical jokes on their boss and singing over the police radio. Their first adventure, “The Power of Ninja,” follows them as they chase after one of the world’s most-wanted jewel thieves. Why are they dressed in ninja costumes? Are they really going to arrest Santa Claus? Find out for yourself.

Warning: if you’re reading this book in public, be ready to apologize for laughing outloud.

Since Jacques and Pierre were two of our best bedtime story characters, we decided to name this website – dedicated to storytelling and reading – after them.

If you like silly stories, be sure to check out the Wacky Story Wednesday page. We’re always looking for others to share their stories: they don’t need to be perfect. Let’s just get kids writing.

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5 thoughts on “Meet Jacques and Pierre

  1. Kevin

    I love your book!It is do awesome.I was wondering if you can send the book in with Bobby and then I can keep it!please oh and by the way this is Kevin from 2nd grade.

  2. Jack G.

    Bobby,Gavin,Mrs.Bellwoar,and Sabrina I like your book, well I don`t like your book I love your book! My favrorite part is when the potty says you made an accident. You should make more books about Jacques and Pierre. Can you tell bobby to tell me if you are making more books.
    Jack G.

  3. Brendan and Devan Frank

    We LOVED your book!!! We hope there will be another Jacques and Pierre book.We also liked the pictures in the book.


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