Wacky Story Wednesdays

Calling all silly storytellers!

Do you spend a lot of time with friends writing wacky stories and books? What are you going to do with them? Leave them in the scrap paper pile? No way.

This is a chance for kids to share all of those stories they create (parents are welcome to submit, too.) Hey, here’s a great idea: why not get the whole family involved!

They don’t have to be perfect or even make complete sense (that’s why they’re called Wacky Stories). They do need to be typed in an email, though. A funny title is always appreciated, too.

Read this week’s Wacky Story

Here’s how to submit your silly stories:

To be a guest storyteller, send a kid-friendly story to jpbellwoar@gmail.com (typed in the body of the email, no attachments, please). If it makes us laugh, we’ll post it. You’ll be listed as the guest storyteller, so be sure to include each storyteller’s first name, town, and age. You’ll need to triple-dog swear that it is an original story.

We will post the story as is, so don’t be afraid to check your spelling!

We’ll be posting a new story every Wednesday. You’ll find them under recent posts that start with “Wacky Story”.


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