Wacky Story: “Monkey Mountain”

Submitted by: the Bellwoar Gang

Once there was a girl named Elizabeth who really liked a boy named Jimmy. Elizabeth always wanted to act cool in front of Jimmy, so she did things that she thought would make her look cool. She usually ended up looking ridiculous.

One day, Jimmy asked Elizabeth to meet him at the top of Monkey Mountain, the steepest mountain around. It had a forest at the top that people said was spooky. Elizabeth was scared to go into the forest, but didn’t want Jimmy to know, so she said yes.

Her friend, Tracy, tried to tell Elizabeth not to go, but Elizabeth was sure that Jimmy was going to ask her to be his girlfriend at the top of Monkey Mountain, so she told Tracy that she had to go, no matter what.

Elizabeth heard a story that banana’s kept the spooks away when you went to the top of Monkey Mountain. So, she washed her hair with banana-smelling shampoo. She used banana soap, perfume, and lip balm. When she was done with all that, she even stuck a real banana in her hair with glue.

When she got to Tracy’s house, Tracy asked her why she smelled like a banana.

Elizabeth said, “No spooks are going to get me!”

The two girls started to hike up the steep mountain. They had walked a few minutes when they started huffing and puffing. Tracy wanted to take a break, but Elizabeth said they had to get to the top as fast as they could. She wanted to give Jimmy a kiss.

It took them five hours to get to the top. They were really tired, and Elizabeth sat down on a rock. Tracy sat down on another rock. Elizabeth was nervous about going into the forest. It looked pretty dark and strange noises were coming out of the trees.

“What about your kiss for Jimmy?” Tracy asked.

Elizabeth wanted to give Jimmy a kiss more than anything, so she stood up and started to walk into the forest. All of a sudden, monkeys started swinging from the trees like crazy.

Elizabeth never figured it out, but it was called Monkey Mountain because a lot of nice monkeys lived there – not spooks.

The monkeys  smelled all of the banana stuff Elizabeth was wearing and saw the banana on top of her head. They thought she was a banana.

They started climbing in her hair; trying to take off her shoes; and hanging on her arms.

Elizabeth started screaming and running around like waving her arms like she just fell into a pit of hot lava. She thought spooks were attacking her.  “Get them off me! Get them off me!”

Tracy tried to shoo all the monkeys away by making loud lion roars. All of the monkeys ran back into the forest. Except for one little one that was holding on tightly to the banana stuck in Elizabeth’s hair.  Elizabeth and Tracy didn’t see him.

Just then, Jimmy came out of the forest. Elizabeth saw him. She closed her eyes, puckered her lips, and was ready to give him a kiss.


When she opened her eyes, it wasn’t Jimmy her kissed her. It was little the monkey! He smelled her banana lip balm and had to have a taste.


“EEEEEEWWWW!” Elizabeth screamed and pushed the monkey off her. She started spitting on the ground.

“Elizabeth? What happened Are you OK?” Jimmy asked her. Elizabeth kept spitting.

“That little monkey just kissed me!”

“Do you think it’s because you have a banana stuck in your hair?” Jimmy asked. 

“Oh, yeah,” Elizabeth said. She got the banana out and handed it to the little monkey. The monkey ran back into the forest.

Tracy came over. “Well, Elizabeth, at least you got your kiss at the top of Monkey Mountain.”

“Yeah, from a monkey! I wanted to kiss Jimmy.”

Jimmy heard this and ran down the mountain screaming. The little monkey peaked back out and winked at Elizabeth. But Elizabeth said, “Don’t even think about it.”

The End.

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