Summer Writing Challenge


Summer is the best time to exercise those creative writing muscles. No teacher to grade your grammar. No set list of spelling words to use. No maximum number of words to use.

But, coming up with the beginning idea can be tough..that’s where we come in!

We’ll be posting a weekly starter to get those creative juices flowing. We’ll provide the format (“a postcard” or “a song”) and a silly subject (“a snowman who likes to bowl”). No need to email this in, just write it in the “Leave a reply” section below. As always, families are welcome to create together.

As an incentive, the writer who gets the most likes that week will receive a free copy of Officers Jacques & Pierre and the Power of Ninja.

This Week’s Starter:
Write a story about living next to a bug that is afraid of children.


3 thoughts on “Summer Writing Challenge

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  2. Lisa Vela

    Looking forward to see what kind of writing my kids wil do. They do not see themselves as writers, but your sentence starters sound fun and intriguing enough to get them going😃


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